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America's Genealogy Bank - All articles from the Kansas City Star

A Home for Every Child Eleven More New York Orphans He to Kansas to Live 1/12/1911
A Mother of 14 Adopted One the Home Flading Society Was Willing When it Learned the Truth 3/18/1911
Golfers Adopt a Baby. A Foursome Party Paused to Contribute to War Orphans 4/2/1916
Court Closes an "Orphanage". "Bishop" and "Daughters of Jerusalem" Fail to Impress Judge 1/29/1920
Home for Haddon Hall Baby. Physician to Adopt Girl Given to Home Finding Society2/11/1920
A Church Worker Takes Deserted Baby 2/11/1920
More War Orphans Aided. Surplus from Exchange Used to Adopt More Children 3/31/1920
A New Orphanage Ready. Harry M. Evans Children's Home to be Opened Wednesday6/19/1920
Needles as Baby Savers Former College Women Here Disprove "Highbrow" Charge. A Sorority Alumnae "Dresses9/13/1920
Santa Offers 24 Babies. Harry M. Evans Home Has Rollicking "Gifts" for Someone12/21/1920
A Tree for Children's Home. Beta Sigma Omicron Sorority Was Hostess at a Party12/24/1920
Open House at Evans Home. Visitors Will be Shown Institution for Children Tomorrow4/5/1921
Want Homes for Boys. The Evans Home Has Eight it Wishes to Place 4/14/1921
Lad's Sobs Win a Home Orphanage Will Not Separate Boy, 6, and Brother, 4. "We 7/5/1921
She Just Hopes for a Home. Santa Claus Needn't Take Lillian Dolls and other Things 12/8/1921
Another Evans Babe Dies Malnutrition the Cause of Second Fatality at Hospital Physician at The12/23/1921
Exposure at Evans Home. Dr. G. M. Polk Says Babies Couldn't Respond to Care 12/24/1921
"Unlikely with Proper Care." Dr W. L. Gist Classes Evans Babies Cases under Malnutrition 12/24/1921
Third Evans Babe Dies Malnutrition Takes Another Victim from the Institution. The Seven Still Alive 12/24/1921
New Evans Home Head Mrs. T. W. Hill, Superintendent, to be Replaced by Directors. A 12/25/1921
No Change in Babies Investigation of Evans Home Will Begin Tomorrow. The Management of The 12/26/1921
Two More Babies Die Of Eleven from Evans Home, Six Are Left. One Of The 12/27/1921
Statement from Home Head. Method Was a "Mistake," He Says, but Mrs. Hill Not Blamed 12/27/1921
The Sixth Baby is Dead. End to Another Harry M. Evans Home Victim Today12/28/1921
Three Evans Babies Improve. One other, However, is in a Dangerous Condition at General Hospital 12/30/1921
Evans Home Head Quits. Resignation of Mrs. T. W. Hill Effective Tomorrow Night12/30/1921
An Evans Home Report Today. Recommendations for Management Will be Made by Committee 12/31/1921
Evans Ho9me Report in Active Members Will be Added to Board of Directors 1/1/1922
New Rule for Evans Home Active Directors and Resident Superintendent Are Reorganization Items 1/8/1922
Seventh Evans Baby Death Two Others at General Hospital Have Chance to Recover 1/9/1922
Evans Home in State Probe Children's Bureau Will Aid in Restoring Efficiency There 1/10/1922
Eigth Evans Baby is Dead1/23/1922
Benefit Tea for Evans Home. Sorority Alumane Chapter Will Help Furnish the Nursery 4/22/1922
Aim at Maternity Hospitals. Regulations to Eliminate "Scandalous Practices" Set down in Missouri 6/12/1922
Reception at Evans Home. A Week from Today the Public is Invited 6/23/1922
Evans Home Children Eager. Informal Reception and Inspection of Institution Will be Friday 6/28/1922
Homes for Child-Waifs. The Finding of Them is the Children's Home Society's Work. 12/25/1898

Mid Continent Public Library, Genealogy Branch, Independence, MO

The public record research tips book : insider information for effective public record research352.387 SA58
The Ultimate search book352.387 UL8 2000
Proceedings of the National Conference of Social Work at the ... Annual Session held in361.9073 N213 45TH 1918
Child welfare services in the Jackson County office of the Missouri Division of Welfare and Family Services362.7 B764
Adoption agencies, orphanages, and maternity homes : an historical directory
362.734 N596
Pgs 174-178, 281-286
Missing pieces : how to find birth parents and adopted children: a search and reunion guidebook362.8298 D789
Twenty life-transforming choices adoptees need to make362.8298 EL24
The girls who went away : the hidden history of women who surrendered children for adoption in the decades before Roe v. Wade362.8298 F425
Before the search : an adoption searcher's primer362.8298 H362
Journey of the adopted self : a quest for wholeness362.8298 L626
Surrendered child : a birth mother's journey362.8298 M153
To my birthmother [videorecording] : a film362.8298 T55
In search of Mom : journey of an adoptee362.8298 W335pg 95 has a picture of Fairmount Maternity Hospital
Adopted like me : chosen to search for truth, identity, and a birthmother362.8298 W335A
Hospital Hill : an illustrated account of public healthcare institutions in Kansas City, Missouri362.9778411 SO91
Lost and found : the guide to finding family, friends, and loved ones 363.2336 D922L
You can find anyone! 5th ed., completely rev. 363.2336 F412 5TH
How to find anyone free at your local library : including veterans of WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Granada, Panama, Gulf War and your former classmates 363.2336 M967
How to find almost anyone, anywhere363.2336 T466 REV.
Missing persons USA : how to hunt down and find anyone, anywhere 363.2336 W661
You, too, can find anybody : a reference manual 363.2336 Y83 1999
Up the courthouse steps and on... : the 21st annual conference of the American Family Records Association, July 20 & 21, 2001, John Knox Village Pavilion, Lee's Summit, Missouri929.1072 AF81 21ST 2001Pg 39, adoption research article
Index, deeds of adoption, Jackson County, Missouri, from beginning through about 1917
977.841 K147
Willows Maternity SanitariumJackson County Hisorical Society
Kansas City AdoptologistPeriodicles
Adoption FileVerticle file, Genealogy Brach, 2nd Fl

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